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Professional pneumatic tilt-back post tyre changer with right help arm
Model: LD-C03665R
Professional pneumatic tilt-backpost tyre changer
Model: LD-C03665
Automatic tyre changer with tilting back post with double help arm
Model: LD-C03650S
Automatic tyre changer with tilting back post with right help arm
Model: LD-C03650R
Automatic tyre changer with tilting back post
Model: LD-C03650
Motorcycle Dolly
Model: LD-M01114
Capacity: 1100LBS
N.W.: 25.5kgs
G.W.: 26.5kgs
Package Size: 86*60*10cm
550LBS Motorcycle front paddock stand
Model: LD-M05018
Capacity: 550LBS
N.W.: 14kgs
G.W.: 15kgs
Package Size: 74*41*31.5cm
Motorcycle Dolly
Model: LD-M01115
Capacity: 1100LBS
N.W.: 1#27kgs,2#6kgs
G.W.: 1#28kgs,2#7kgs
Package Size: 1#55*5*18cm,2#92
1100LBS Motorcycle Mover Stand
Model: LD-M01116
Capacity: 1100LBS
N.W.: 12.5kgs
G.W.: 13.5kgs
Package Size: 86*43*14cm
750LBS Motorcycle Mover Rear Stand Dolly
Model: LD-M05019
Capacity: 750LBS
N.W.: 9.5kgs
G.W.: 10kgs
Package Size: 66*60*9.5cm
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